Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Welcome to Inky Fingers!

Howdy folks!
Inky Fingers is firing up! I'm so super excited about this! People have been asking about online classes since I moved from Edmond, OK in 2008. Since Brodey started to Pre-K full time back in August I realized that I had some time to start up Inky Fingers!
This will be my place to share sketches, how to's, videos, kit classes, and whatever else we can jam in here! I have missed all of my students from my classes and this will be where I can share with them once again!
I am also working on classes here in Tahlequah, OK so if you live near here be sure to check back often for info!

Sharing is caring!
If you have ever taken one of my classes you have heard me say that many times!
Feel free to share what I share on here! My layouts are original and from my own brain. Please do not submit copies for publication as I reserve that right. However, please feel free to teach and share them with other scrappers!
The techniques I share are partly what I have come up with on my own and partly from what I have seen other people do! I will credit whomever I learned the technique from and also let you know if I came up with it on my own! Again, feel free to share them with others! If no one shared their ideas our wonderful hobby wouldn't evolve! :)
I would love to have you join me on Facebook and share your papercrafting projects!

Questions and Suggestions
If you EVER have any questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to let me know!
I love to hear from you! If you would like to learn something send me an email and I'll do what I can to share it with you!

Contact Me!
Look for {Inky Fingers} Happen on Facebook!
Also check out my personal blog at

I'm so excited to start this and I hope that you will join me!
Happy Crafting!
April :)

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