Monday, November 8, 2010

Hello Again!

I've been absent from the blog and I miss you all! I've been very busy, but will be back in the groove by tomorrow afternoon! (Brodey would be so proud of that rhyme!)
I had a blast teaching at the Among Friends scrapbook retreat this weekend! I also taught at the retreat back in July. It is a short 15 minute drive from my house! They stayed in a cute house on Fort Gibson lake. I taught a fun layout class that I will be sharing this week!
Well this will be a short post so that I can go try to clean up this

That's what happens when you are at a retreat all weekend and you come back home, dump your stuff, and get to work on deadlines!
I have projects spinning in my mind that I need to get done, but I also want to play with this

UGH I KNOW! Isn't it exciting!?!? It's filled with all sorts of fun stuff! I can't wait to play mad scientist with it all! We had some fun this weekend with the Melting Pot, didn't we girls!?!
Okay seeing the pic of that box lit a fire! I'm outta here! Time to get some inky fingers! I'm loving that time change right about now!
Hope your Monday is magnificent!
April :)


  1. do you like the Close to my Heart stuff? I'm sorta addicted to it!! I realllly want to get back in the groove of scrapping, but I don't have access to an AMAZING ROOM like that!!! (and btw, if I DID have a room, it would look JUST LIKE THAT!!! ha!)
    lovin' the new blog,

  2. I haver used the CTMH stuff! I am in love with my Stampin Up stuff though!
    I love my scrap room! If we (ever) decide to have another kid they will get that bedroom and I will convert our dining room into a scrap/living room. Who knows if that will ever happen! ;)
    Thank you so much I'm so glad you like it! I have so many things I want to post! If you have any suggestions let me know!
    April :)